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Preventive Healthcare Platform

We operate a preventive healthcare platform that connects the various stakeholders in the healthcare industry such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients and endeavours to deliver quality preventive healthcare through scientific, intelligent and evidence based control of patient information. The main aim of this program is early detection and prevention of non-communicable diseases. In order to support the platform, we conduct continuous research to develop user friendly devices, tools and concepts so as to equip the professional caretaker with innovative tools to establish best clinical practices in a responsible and economically viable way. This initiative also has the support of the Government of Flanders, Belgium.

Preventive Medicine in Diabetes

"Recent tests conducted in Belgium have shown that patients suffering from Prediabetes are an important target group for conducting early diagnosis. They can be saved from the effects of severe complications due to the disease through early detection and as such can be kept healthy for a longer period of time. Such patients, can remain in a particular stage of diabetes with fewer complications through use of medication."

Source: Koninklijke Limburgse Apothekers Verbond ( KLAV) , Belgium, January 2018